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Lily's Pharmacy & CURE Childhood Cancer

Snack Bags & Inspirational Art for the families and children at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Aflac Cancer Center.

CURE Childhood Cancer Snack Bags

We need help from our loyal families and supporters! We are teaming up with CURE Childhood Cancer to help bring some joyful art and snack bags to the families of children at the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Aflac Cancer Center! We have a goal to collect 1,000 bags by the end of September!   Follow the steps below to help us out and show the children & their families the love and support that they need to get through what is likely the most difficult battle of their lives!


Children with cancer often have long stays in the hospital. The cost of eating in the cafeteria or ordering from restaurants can place a financial burden on families. CURE provides snack bags to alleviate the stress of meals for family members.

Do you want to help, but can't make your own bags using the steps below?  Feel free to donate to the cause by clicking here!  Every $10 donation gets 2 Snack Bags made, including local kid art!

How To Make Your Own Bags


Please include only items that are individual serving size, individually wrapped and commercially prepared, and that include a visible expiration date.

Items to include in each gallon size ziploc bag:

- Campbells Soup or Kraft or Velveeta Mac and Cheese in microwaveable container. (Please do NOT include Ramen Noodles as the hospital keeps these in stock.)

- Pretzels or Other Salty Snack (NO chips please)

- Applesauce Pouch or Fruit Cup

- Cookies

- Small (8oz) Bottle of Water

- Napkin (neatly folded) and Spoon or Fork in a small Ziploc bag

Suggested Optional Items:

- Crackers (Goldfish or similar)

- Granola Bars or Protein Bars

- Microwave Popcorn

(No peanuts, peanut butter or food items containing peanut butter)

VIDEO: How did the Shannon's do it?


Homemade cards should be included inside the bags.

- Please do NOT include any religious messages or symbols as we do not know the religions of the children receiving the art.

- Also, please do NOT use phrases such as “Get well soon.”  Consider phrases such as “We are thinking about you” , "stay strong", or simply drawing or coloring a picture.

- Families need smiles so you can also include silly jokes (appropriate for children of all ages) on the cards.   


Each item in the bag must have an expiration date included on item.

Please complete and include a Snack Bag Expiration Date Insert in each bag you assemble.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta requires this information.  Any item in the bag without a date on the item will be removed before delivery to the hospital.  Because bags are delivered to the hospital as needed, please consider including items with later expiration dates. 

REQUIRED: Snack Bag Insert


Drop your completed bags off at Lily's Pharmacy, and we will get them delivered to CURE and CHOA.  Share this link with your friends, share videos of your kids building their bags (and tag us!), make it a neighborhood or group activity, and above all else - try to have some fun with it!

We are trying to collect 1,000 bags by the end of September - so it's going to take the entire Lily's Pharmacy Family, and then some!

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